Turnkey Services

Thanks to years of experience in the business of delivering complete FF&E and OS&E projects, MITCHELL’s have seen the pitfalls, capitalised on the experience and have gained an in-depth knowledge of the supply market as well as the quality expectations of interior designers.

Procurement offers you complete transparency and control over the vendor selection process

A turnkey project, when delivered by people who know the hospitality industry and have your interests at heart, can deliver a quality result quickly and efficiently.

Who better to turnkey your hospitality project than hospitality procurement professionals?

MITCHELL’s can be your turnkey project partner in the complete supply of hospitality contract quality FF&E and OS&E, using an existing network of tried-and-tested vendors to deliver the very best quality products for your budget.

MITCHELL’s offer the following turnkey packages for mid-market hotels and furnished apartments for the discerning owner:

1. Supplied & Installed
Submit your design specifications and we'll submit to you the finished product and complete OS&E, ready for an operational hotel.
2. Designed, Supplied & Installed
Ideal for 3 and 4 star properties; submit your plans and let us integrate design with supply and installation